Panda Groomers was conceived with a strong passion for cars and their appearances. We are a team of self-driven and meticulous individuals that are particular about the vehicle’s cleanliness and its outlook. Thus we pledge to give our clients a pleasant experience when they visit our premises.

There is nothing comparable to the excitement of collecting a “new” car, that excitement in joy. At Panda Groomers, we strive to achieve high customer’s satisfaction by restoring the paintwork to showroom condition, bringing back the euphoria once again. We constantly strive to raise the bar to exceed client’s expectations.

We had done several intense testing and hand-picked the best reputable branded products for our valuable customers. We choose Chemical Guys, CarPro and Sonax as the right products, together with the proper techniques of handling the paintwork to maintain and retain your ride’s value and condition.

We strongly believe in a straightforward philosophy: the difference between good and great is attention to detail.